SpyHunter 4 Registration or Activation Code Problem?

By | November 5, 2012

How to Activate SpyHunter

If you have problems activating or do not know how to activate SpyHunter,
follow the instructions below to register and activate SpyHunter:

  1. Disable firewall program. Before you activate SpyHunter, make
    sure to disable any firewall software program running on your computer,
    such as Norton Internet Security, McAfee, Zone Alarm, AVG and others,
    because they might interfere with the activation of SpyHunter. You can
    turn your firewall back on after the SpyHunter activation is complete.
  2. Open “Order Confirmation” email sent to you after your SpyHunter
    The “Order Confirmation” email has the subject line
    “SpyHunter – Order #[YOUR_ORDER_NUMBER]” and has your activation
  3. Open SpyHunter program. Go the SpyHunter program and click on
    the “Options” tab (located on the left side menu of the SpyHunter).
  4. Activate SpyHunter. Enter your username (which is the email
    address you registered with) and your password and click on the
    “Activate Now”

    Note: Our system is case sensitive. Make sure to enter your
    username (email address) and password exactly the way you see it in the
    “Order Confirmation” email. Also, make sure that there are no spaces
    before or after your username and password.

    If you have previously activated SpyHunter, it’s very important that you
    erase any information previously stored in the username and password
    fields. Make sure that the username and password fields are clear before
    typing any information in it.

If after following the instructions above you are still not able to
activate SpyHunter or you’re getting the error message “No Internet
connection is available,” please go to

Having Problems Activating or Updating SpyHunter?
to
common SpyHunter activation and update problems.