Remove Rapid Antivirus – RapidAntivirus Removal Instructions

By | October 11, 2008

Rapid Antivirus ( also known as RapidAntivirus ) is new rogue antispyware software that displays many fake warning alerts, messages and popups. It is clone of AntiVir64 rogue antispyware software. It will scan your computer and shows false scanning reports offers deleting malwares for $49.95. RapidAntivirus is a dangerous application and it should be deleted as soon as possible.

Risk Level : High

Note :- To safely & quickly detect Rapid Antivirus, We highly recommend you to use the Removal Tool for Rapid Antivirus.

Download – Removal Tool for Rapid Antivirus


Rapid Antivirus

Rapid Antivirus Screenshot

Symptoms of Rapid Antivirus

Pop up balloon warning messages claiming that your PC is infected.

  • "Critical System Error",
  • "Your computer is infected",

MANUAL REMOVAL PROCESS ( How to get rid of Rapid Antivirus )

Search and kill the following processes (Learn Here)


Remove RapidAntivirus .exe & dlls files (Learn Here)

%common_programs%\Rapid Antivirus\purchase license.lnk
%common_programs%\Rapid Antivirus\start Rapid Antivirus.lnk
%common_programs%\Rapid Antivirus\support page.lnk

%desktopdirectory%\Rapid Antivirus.lnk

%profile%\application data\Rapid Antivirus\base.dat
%profile%\application data\Rapid Antivirus\base2.dat
%profile%\application data\Rapid Antivirus\desc.dat
%profile%\application data\Rapid Antivirus\Rapid Antivirus.ini
%profile%\application data\Rapid Antivirus\spline.dat

%program_files%\Rapid Antivirus\buy.url
%program_files%\Rapid Antivirus\help.url
%program_files%\Rapid Antivirus\howtobuy.txt
%program_files%\Rapid Antivirus\id.dat
%program_files%\Rapid Antivirus\license.txt
%program_files%\Rapid Antivirus\RapidAntivirus.exe
%program_files%\Rapid Antivirus\restart.exe
%program_files%\Rapid Antivirus\uninstall.exe
%program_files%\Rapid Antivirus\restart.exe

Remove/Modify corrupt Registry Entries (Learn Here)


Download – Removal Tool for Rapid Antivirus

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  1. Kelsie

    i love this! i was scared to download it at first incase it was another virus, but it found rapid antivirus right off the bat and cleaned it off! thanks guys. :).


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